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Insomniacs United -Ranked Team for Late-night Gamers

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Insomniacs United consists of mature (18+) players that generally play at night until early morning. We are currently looking for players who play a minimum of 4 hours a day and do not mind putting in the work as a team (i.e playing with team instead of friends). The team DOES NOT need players who are inconsistent, go to bed early, have conflicting work/school schedules, lose their temper, like to blame others, can't communicate, or fail to adjust their gameplay after being critiqued..

While this team is not "hardcore", there is potential for rankings to go up and from there who knows. We have already begun ranked play, so if you join we will do practice games first to test/review your skills. It should also be noted that ELO is not so much a factor to join as is the ability to communicate. If you take instruction and criticism well, then you are more than welcome to join. You must also have a good working knowledge of ranked gameplay and how they are generally played (HINT: It's not like blind pick). Because communication is important, I have rented a Ventrillo (vent) server just for this team. So you must have the vent client (free to download at http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php) and a headset to join.

I will begin recruiting immediately so be on the lookout for invites. We are currently looking for a person who can Mid, Top and Jungle (Basically fill-in where needed). We already have 8 active players, but we're not always on at same time. So if you join you will be playing a lot.

If you are interested please reply with the following info.:

Best Roles (i.e. Top, Mid, Jung, Sup, ADC)
Do you have Ventrillo and headset?
Can you play late nights until early morning (i.e. 10:00 pm- 6:00 am (EST)?
Link to your toon from the following website http://www.lolking.net/

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Best Roles: Jungle, Support, Mid, adc/top in that order, but can play them all well.

Yes, both

Yes, I'm almost always up until at least 4am EST


Please don't judge my solo queue elo. I started the season off at 1300 and crashed due to trolls/4v5's/feeders in almost every game.

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Junior Member


best roles : solo top , adc , jungle



dont worry about my elo , its cause i had bad teams but look my scores