LF Bronze Duo Partner

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After 2 3v5 games within the span of a day, feeders everywhere, and playing with people who simply to not know basic game mechanics; I've decided to help reduce the chances of being matched to such people by playing with a duo que partner.

I am Bronze Division II (where I was placed), and I'm getting matched with some terrible, terrible people which is making progression difficult. I can play any position.

Skype would be nice, but not necessary.

Also, I'd prefer if you're 18 or older, for maturity purposes. Don't let my name deceive you, I am a university student.

I am on Hawaiian time, so if anyone else is from Hawaii, great; if not, then probably want to be on the West Coast.

Add me in game or reply, so we can talk more. It'd be fun to do some team play using characters that really synergize.