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What do you think about the Item GUI?

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Plague of Gripes

Senior Member


I'm a new player. I started, I guess, in late November. Played a while, stopped for a couple weeks, then puttered back in.

One of my first reactions to the game was "Their item menu is a huge mess." And this obviously was after the apparent rearrangement of the item menu that I'm told happened not too long ago. What do you think about it now?

To me, a new player, even after a couple months, it's still very cluttered looking. There are simply too many end game items. For the interface, that is. For the game, you need that many. And even if you did something like remove all the lower tier items from the menus, so that you can only select and build up to tier 3 items, using the trees, that's still a large list. Most of the items you won't even ever consider using on the champion you launched with.

A few things could help. For one, having the item store explorable in-game outside of matches would go a long way. I have a site that does it, but it's something that should be a part of the game. There's really no excuse for that, considering how complex the item shop can be. I still catch people seemingly standing around afk because "I'm trying to look through the items." It should be in the main menus, and also calculate stat increases as you add items. Also, having a tab system like rune pages or mastery pages, but for premade item builds the player creates for their champion, would be nice. In addition to the Recommended and All Items tab, there'd be another that only shows items that the player has set to their champion for that match. Obviously you should build responsively, but point being, seems like the basic final builds of champions usually end up being one of two or three basic types. It doesn't really fix the game for new players (as the lists will always be a huge mess, and new players wouldn't notice something like this right away), but it would help.

If I was around during alphas, I suppose I would have recommended that instead of just having a 6 bar build, that all items should be made by where you put them on the body. Final builds would be composed of two shoes, two gloves, chest piece, leggings, helmet, accessory or similar. It would have cut down on the number of items listed per area, made it more obvious that you shouldn't do things like buy a shoe for each foot (something very new players always seem to think), and overall streamline the purchasing process. But that's a system way past being viable for implementation. Obviously. Still, useful to think about things like that.

But I digress. It may be harder to think about if you're an older player that's just gotten used to it, but do you think the way items are handled is good, bad, or just acceptable?