When can you not do this?

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I know there's going to be a point where players get a little better than what I'm playing against.

Every game I join, in my 900-1000 elo, I tell our Jungle+mid to handle blue, and our Adc+me to take their red(or blue - if they're a red starting jungler), and thusfar, out of 45 matches, I've not failed it once.

I'm fairly sure there'll be a point at which players actually defend their jungle.. so my question is: When does this start to happen?

In tournament games, I see it every game. Either they're invading - and they have a ward on their blue/red, or they take their red at start, and ward their blue..or play a really defensive line up - where there's a player or ward in every jungle entrance. Clearly at some point there'll be a proper defense - my question is: when?