Are their really cheats in ranked play?

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GIve you my scenario. Now I admit im a bit hot about the loss but my last gamehad some events I couldnt explain. I did not appear to have any lag.

enemy teams Jarvin and Pantheon were the issue. I checked both summoners profiles and Jarvin was 20-1 avg 13 kills and 0 deaths!!! 0!!. Won his last 20 in a row. His elo is trash and the rest of his champs had standard 800 elo kdas

In game. Jarvin was in my lane ganking at about 5 minute mark. He then proceeded to gank endlessly top bot and mid for teh remainder of the game. At the 20 min mark he appears dives into our team 4 v 1 mid lane and scores a quadra in about 3 seconds. checking his build he had TF, Black Cleaver, boots and 2 rejuve beads and 171 CS. Now I saw him racking up player kills all over the map beofre this. Is something not correct happening?
Now I jungle all the time and when I commit to ganking, especially across the map I dont really get up over 100 CS for a long time. Your trading CS for Champ kills. Not this guy.
Also I have played against Jarvin plenty of times and while he certainly is a solid tanky jungler how could he clear that many creeps and gank 15 times in 20 minutes?

2nd in game was Panth. Similar story, checked summoners profile and it was not hing special. THen suddenly he has a pair of Panth wins that were 12 - 2 - 10 average. In game he dove 3v1 under our tower and before I could activate blitz's knock up punch he had scored a triple kill and lived. Mind you this was at lv 9 vs 3 opponents at lv 9, all over 75% health under a tower. How?

So what the hell happened?

My thoughts lead me two 2 conclussions

1. These average 800 elo summoner turned their accounts over to boosters or pros and the skill difference shows. Not sure if this is punishable or even identifiable


2. Some sort of hack was in play

thoughts or comments? any one know of any current uncheckd cheats in the game for these champs.

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Step 1. Install lolreplay.
Step 2. Never worry about this again.

If it was a hack, you'd know it. If it was skill, you could learn.