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How do you build Ahri now?

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If you have the time, please explain your build and the circumstances for those items. Or if there is a guide in particular that you use, please link it to me. Thanks.

BQ: Is haunting guise and DFG a good rush?

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I would rush Haunting guise and DFG only if the other team is extremely tanky.
Otherwise, I'd rather get chalice -> deathcap.

But that's just me.

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Honestly, like a lot of champions, the best answer is it all depends on who is on the other team and how you like to play her.

I may get flamed for my build, but I don't care, because I have had some very good success with it (granted not at a high ELO). Since I started using this build I am 7/2, not a great amount of games, but my K/D/A is like 9/2/11 or so in those.

She has such great mobility which is a huge plus for her, plus she benefits from always having the mana to farm, which I feel she is extremely good at (at least I have been successful). Her passive helps the sustain immensely, which my build (leaves you with plenty of mana) lets you spam her abilites to keep up the passive to keep gaining health back.

I always start boots 2hp and 1 mana
First time back, depending on gold (make sure you have 700) i'll get tear, and maybe health crystal
Then im building Catalyst -> ROA, Finish boots somewhere in there as well.
After ROA go deathcap, I do not finish Archangels until my tear is fully charged. Deathcap will give you a good boost to AP, and then another one a bit later with Archangels.
At this point you are Sorc Boots, ROA, Deathcap and Archangels (forget the finished name)
You have some pretty solid HP with ROA, so you do not look as enticing as a target, great amount of mana and mana regen, allows you to spam abilities and stay in lane to sustain. The next items depend a lot of the team. I haven't messed with Liandry's on Ahri a lot, frankly I haven't needed it, although I plan too. If you have another champion that scales well with AP than WotA is great, also gives bonus spell vamp, synergizes well with the passive.

I do not recommend DFG, I do not like it, probably a personal preference. Ahri is incredible at kiting, her charm is a great for giving you an extra few seconds for stuff to get off CD, your W has a great slow, and you cant forget her ult.

My favorite build ends with Rylais Crystal Scepter and then whatever else I can afford depending on how long the games goes. RCS is awesome because of the slow you get.

The reason why I like my build is because it provides me a lot of utility for the way I play. Great AP, some HP, great mana. I only play Ahri aggressive when I have my ult or flash available, without those she is a sitting duck, with them it is extremely hard to track her down.

With this build I have no problems with heavy HP champions, most likely only one will have any MR, most tanky champs are armor and HP which is not a problem at all.

Hope this helps some, really depends on your play style.

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Abyssal Scepter with one Dorans Ring for some mana regen is a nice rush. Then as follows
Sorc Boots
Unholy Grail

Have everything you need in this build, and the Rylais Liandry's combo makes you NUTS, and also allows you to peel really well late game.