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What's your penta score?

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Jaasiel Darda



Ok i know that if you clicked on this you're wondering "Wtf is a penta ""score"" and how do i find out."
Well it's something a few friends and I came up with. We ranked our pentas on difficulty and who we were and what position it was.

So the score chart is as follows:

Kat and Karthus aka the made for pentas champions are worth 1 point a piece
Support based champions are worth 5
top is worth 4
jungle is worth 3
mid is worth 2
adc is worth 1
if you 1v5'd it it's worth a bonus 2 points
if you 1v5'd but most were at half life 1 point
if you 5v5'd it it's worth no extra points
if you had any disadvantage (aka 4v5 3v5 or 2v5) it's worth 1 extra point
if you were on a losing team (less kills then the other team) 1 extra point
if you were on a winning team no extra point
if it was against bots -1 point
if it was in aram -1 point
so tell me, how many pentas do you have and how much are they worth?

i have 11 pentas 2 with kat 1 with ahri 2 with twitch 1 with ez 1 with vayne 2 with ashe 2 with varus.
Kat was in a aram and so was the other one making both worth 0points.
ahri was in 5v5 pvp and i 1v5'd them but most were at half (making it worth 3 points)
twitch was 1v5 at full health and on a losing team (they were pushing nexus and i ulted and hit all of them with it) making it worth 5points and my other was a 5v5 so worth 1 point,
ez was a 1v5 at full health but on the winning team so worth 3 points.
vayne was a 5v5 and i was on a losing team making it worth 2 points
ashe was on a winning team 5v5 so worth 1 point and the second one was also 5v5 so 1 point.
varus was a 5v5 and a 3v5 making the points worth 1 and 2 points
At the end i'm left with 19 penta score but only 11 pentas.

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