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Up and coming Mid player looking for a team

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Atlas Ultio



Hello everyone, I'm Lethal.

I've been playing LoL since right after it came out of Beta, but didn't have much interest in ranked play until the end of Season 2. Now, I'm somewhat addicted to the idea of playing through ranked and working my way to the top. In normals, I'm fairly good at most positions, but with ranked play I HIGHLY prefer playing mid (champs like Fizz, Cass, Diana, etc), with an occassional play as Jax/Riven/Fiora top.

What I'm hoping to find is a good team who plays weekends and can let me run mid. I'm good at understanding how to counterpick against a mid, or play properly if I get counterpicked. I'm looking for a team now because I hate having to duke it out in champ select just to get my most effective lane.

In any case, here's some basic info:

Name: Nic

Age: 24

Mic(y/n): Of course

Role: Mid

Elo(Season 3): ~1350 but on a great win streak

TimeZone: Central

Availability: Weekends and sometimes on weeknights (I'm married, so I can't play ALL the time)

Past competitive history: Not too much experience with ranked teams, never played tourneys but VERY interested in playing in the Go4LoL tournaments

Champion Pool(How many champions do you have): tons of champions (62 total)

Why should we choose you over other people?: Because I'm awesome! Also, I don't mind taking orders (in the Air Force, so kinda used to it), I want to join a team that plays to have fun but wants to get some attention as a formidable foe!

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Senior Member


Hello Lethal,

I have an offer for you if you are interested. Here is the post with all the information:http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=33911030#post33911030

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.

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Kenshin HimuraX

Junior Member


I'm making a team in progress, just need a mid player to fill the last spot on our team. My ign is BLooDxRaYne. I play adc