Drackum the Shadows Revenge

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Was thinking of a really neat concept, have a shadow champion connected to like a simple drone looking Hero... So Ill try to explain this best I can..
Just have a simple looking champion "nothing heroic or too special about him kinda like diablo 2 necromancer but like a wicked looking shadow that dances on the ground "as the real champion" at his feet the entire time... The "drone" as im picturing it is just basically a model that moves around but the shadow he casts on the ground the entire time would be the actual threat, somthing wicked like a mix between Peter Pans Shadow and Venom from spiderman. but always connected to the guys feet and on the ground..

Basic attack- Somthing just as simple as the shadow swatting would look awesome...

Passive - when your hero dies the shadow is set free under your control for say "3 seconds" in that time anyone you run into becomes feared...

Q-Twisted Night
The shadow goes crazy and bounces from one enemy "or minion" to the next kind of like fiddles crows.

W- Dark wispers
The shadow slings to the ememy player and slows and dammages him/or for a short period of time

E- Shroud
The shadow at your feet will run in a circle around you like a clock, hurting the player "maybe have a movement for the mouse that can switch the direction "one direction sucks you in close the other pushes you out" , while dammaging you..

R- Phantoms Revenge
When cast the shadow gets all crazy and big in the direction of choice, like shooting down the lane maybe half the distance of Lux's ult, terrifying enemies "fearing them and dammaging them for a % of health.... maybe even like that freddy vs jason movie were freddies shadow rises up from the ground and tries to stab that one kid..