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I would open the League launcher and after clicking play, nothing would happen. League would be open, I know this because when I tried to re-open League it would ask if I wanted to close the already open launcher. Now I can finally not only have league launch after I click "play", I can even login. The problem is if I try to play any game, LITERALLY any game, even custom games when I am the only one in it or if I try to spectate games, I get a bug splat. After trying everything I could on my end, all the steps suggested on your numerous support pages for windows 7, I still cannot find the answer to this problem. I have updated my Video card drivers, my DirectX, rebooted my computer several times trying to make sure I have every Windows update (which I now have), and ran the repair/ uninstall plus reinstall combo too many times.

I'd like to play league again please, sorry if that is too much to ask. Asking for the money back I spent on skins is too much to ask, so can I please use them?