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Twisted Teemo - Ideas about Teem on Twisted Treeline

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Hello all,

I've been thinking a lot about the issues revolved around Teemo and his global presence on Twisted Treeline. As soon as Draft becomes available, I'm guessing he'll be one of the number one bans if this doesn't end up getting resolved.

Teemo really isn't the only offender on Twisted Treeline. Caitlyn, Nidalee and Maokai all have an edge because of how Twisted Treeline works with it's No-Ward system. These champions are built innately with map control, something other champions would ordinarily be able to compensate by using wards, but not here in the Shadow Isles.

An attempt already made to attack this is The Light Bringer, an attack damage geared item with the additional passive of Trap Detection: Nearby enemy stealthed traps are revealed. The biggest issues with this item are that it is too situational, too expensive, only valid on a hand full of champions and doesn't even work the way you'd need it to. Sure, you can see mushrooms now... but good luck picking the right side of the bush to walk into. *Splodes*

With all of that said, I'd like to jump straight into my ideas on how to tackle this issue.

Steel Toe Stompers: This awesome pair of boots generates up to two or three charges that would be consumed whenever the wearer steps on a trap to negate it. Even if it only had one charge and function like a trap specific Banshee's Veil, I think this would be a fantastic option.

Pinkie Pie's Potion: Because traps are about as situational as fighting cloaked enemies, an idea to reveal or possibly negate traps would be to use a potion system. Benefits of this are that it doesn't use up an item slot and it's exceedingly simple to balance (Duration, Cost, etc) An idea for a potion (Which could also be used as an item passive) is to reveal traps around your champion regardless of whether they're stealthed or not with a circle indicator of how close you can get to the trap before it activates. This would also reveal traps with a small amount of vision when they are in a bush that you are standing next to, but not in.

My last idea is to add an additional affect to the vision granting mist used by a few items on Dominion and Twisted Treeline that activates any traps that are in the area revealed.

Keep in mind that these are just ideas that I'm throwing out there. Responding to the expected "That's so overpowered!" comment, remember the implicit costs of making purchases in a League of Legends game. When you purchase armor, what are you not purchasing? Health, Magic Resist, etc.

Anywho--That's my feedback in regards Twisted Teemo. Thank you for reading. I hope you found something of value from my Teemo-Tangent. :3

PS: Pinkie Sense FTW! XD