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Ping spikes every minute consistently

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Junior Member


I've been having this issue for a bit now, but it's become much more noticeable as of late. About 1:30 into the game I have a ping spike from 20-50 ping to 1200+ for 3 seconds, and another spike approximately every minute on the dot following. The game runs perfectly fine on another computer in the house, which I don't have normal access to.

I've tried:

  • Defragmenting + Disk Cleanup
  • Fresh install
  • Changing my connection to a public DNS server
  • Restarting the modem & router
  • Disabling Pando Media Booster
  • Disabling Peer to Peer transfers
  • Making sure all .exe's required are exceptions in the firewall.
  • Updated the network card drivers

Here's the Netalyzr:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!