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Support looking for Competitive Ranked Team

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Pre-read: I started playing League in the middle of 2012 (~250 wins), but I follow the Professional Gaming Scene, and I have been a part of competitive gaming since I was in the 5th grade (~2002) where I was the youngest competitor in a (console based) MLG Open, and then moving on to competitive Call of Duty (the irony, I know..) in late 2008. With this experience I know how to adapt to different players play styles, and work with others, and know how to improve, to better myself and my team for competitive gaming.

(In game) Pros:
a) Understands how to adapt to situations (Because of competitive experience)
b) Knows every support well (Even the odd ones)
c) There is room to improve (which is a plus!)

(In game) Cons:
a)If not on top of game, map awareness becomes slack (with a simple reminder, this can be fixed)
b) If winning the early game donking, warding becomes slack (...reminder, can be fixed)
c) Lack of (in game) experience (Once again, ~250 wins)
d) 2 Rune Pages (see: c)

Random Info:
18 Years old
Eastern Time Zone

If you would like to test me out on a team, or work with me to get me better experienced and possibly join your team one day, shoot me a friends request, and dont forget to message me on why you added me, and dont be afraid to comment on this thread and ask questions.

Thanks, and happy gaming!

Edited: 1/16/2013 4:14 AM