Slam Dunk Orianna

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Catellite Lives

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It's the semifinals here in Piltover Stadium, and man, what an intense match! The score is 4 to 5 in this exciting match between the Piltover Steampunks and the Shadow Isles Spectres! Despite the Steampunks playing on their home court with Coach Heimerdinger's support from the sidelines, the Spectres have managed to take the lead due to an excellent play from Evelynn.

Elise passes the ball to Hecarim, and Thresh throws down his lantern to get Hecarim past Vi's great defenses. The ball is passed to Yorick, and he goes for the shot-

What's this?! It seems the ball has been affected by some sort of magnetic pull! That's right, Orianna has reclaimed the ball! Jayce places down an Acceleration Gate for Orianna, who speeds right on ahead. The Spectres close in on her, but she uses her ultimate, allowing her to put a good distance between her and the other team. And she goes for the shot... and she SCORES!! That puts the Piltover Steampunks in the lead for a 6-5 score. What a great play!


Hey Summoners! Just posting my idea for a basketball-themed Slam Dunk Orianna skin. She would wear a basketball jersey and her ball would have a distinct basketball design. The splash art would include something detailing the above story, along with a Mr. Mundoverse banner on the wall, Cho'gath stuffing his face full of popcorn, the yordle shopkeeper selling food to the crowd, and Lulu and Tristana making out in the stands. (Okay, just kidding on that last one. :P Would be funny, though.)

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Cool.. Make a whole series of "Slam Dunk" skins. (Cough, Darius, Cough)