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Pludge the Slurm of Noxus...

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Just thinking it would be awesome to have a Champion that feeds off others abilities and skills... Manipulate them.. This champ would def sound like a fun and a very useful support..

Apperance- Kinda thinking somthing like clayface from batman but not as built.. Kinda looking like kog who was made out of mud or puddy almost.. Im not sure but there should be tons of fun ways he could look and act..

Passive- a short trail of sludge behind you that gives a low health regen when enemies or minions walk in it... Kinda like singed poison but not as long as a trail, just somthing small and simple.. the health regen dosent have to be anything OP just somthing to keep you in lane.

Q- Transform
"The main attack, kinda like LuLu's whimsy" but only on yourself... just have like 4 diffrent random things you turn into that do like 4 diffrent types of attack angles... would be nice to keeping enemies on thier toes and really fun to see it maybe like a big monster, a bat , or such....

W- Submit
"Like taunt but you can take control over the enemy champion up to three seconds and move him in the direction you choose... Would work well on a minion as well to sneak into a fight....... Kinda just blanket the ememy with yourself and take him for a walk...

E- Fusion
Active - "Latch on to a teamate to give him or her added buff for a few shots... Share the dammage your teamates take as well so its pretty much a shield also.. Though you wouldnt get gold from the minions it would be good support for adc's to give a small buff"

Passive- Just a splatter effect for your auto attack that takes a little off surrounding minions/enemies

R- Mutate
Ult over a foes dead body and turn into them for a minute,
"Be nice to copy some heros and be a nice way to turn Op champs against thier own team for a little bit, could be a nice way to keep pace in a very one sided game. maybe even take half there stats or somthing to add with yours seeing how this is a support class...

Think this would be a very very fun support class to play as, think it would do very well on the LoL roster... Ill leave the stats up to Riot im not into math that much haha..

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I freaking LOVE the concept, but I cant really say anything other than that since you didnt really finish him. His W is kind of an anti funspell though since it would make him extremely annoying to play against.