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Hello fellow summoners. I suppose you're wondering why I'm posting something like this. Well apparently, I feel like I need some motivation to continue playing LoL. I love this game a lot and I love playing as Olaf, Sion, Ashe, Veigar, and Kassadin but the problem I have is, I don't seem to get any better. When I was in the 10-15s range I was REALLY good and got 9/2/8 or something like that. Now that I'm a bit higher as a Level 17, my skills seem to have gotten much worse. I keep going 3/13/7 or 2/8/9. I try my best not to feed the enemy team, I build my champion as planned, I follow what my teammates tell me, and yet I always end up as the worst player on my team. And then I get comments like "wow dude u are really bad" "you need to stop feeding" "why are you so bad at this game?" I get comments like this every game and I try harder and harder to not feed, I look at guides, I watch my mistakes and take note of them, yet NOTHING WORKS. I have even watched pro players play the same champions I do to see how they play them and take note of everything they do but it's like no matter what I do, I still suck at the game . I feel like a burden to my comrades and I just can't take it anymore. Can you guys give me some tips and hints on how I can get better? I really love LoL but it seems impossible for me to improve at this game and the frustration is just unbearable