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Do you like the changes

Yes, I like most of the champion changes. 1 7.14%
Yes, I like the Warwick changes but not the Ashe changes. 4 28.57%
Yes, I like the Ashe changes but not the Warwick changes. 0 0%
No, look at this noob trying to balance when that is Riot's job. (Ouch that hurt) 9 64.29%
Voters 14 .

Changes to Warwick and Ashe (Along With Reasons Why)

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Wrath of Sekhmet

Senior Member


kavinh the third:
don't fixed what's not broken. if u actually did add those changes the champions would be more broken then before.

Ashe is pretty underpowered now, especially late game. Her kit is basically designed around the slow, but now that everyone and their mother has a gap closer, it doesn't actually allow her to kite without ulting them (and sometimes not even then).