LFT, 3 hours each morning. 8 - 11 EST

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Looking for a team to play normal and ranked games for a few hours each day between the following times.

Time Zones
8am - 11am EST
7am - 10 am CST
6am - 9 am MST
5am - 8 am PST

1: Have Skype
2: Be level 30 and have over 500 wins.
3: Have more wins than losses on you normal record.
4: Be polite.

About myself
I have been playing since the Garen release. I have over 800 wins and around 720 loss. I play all roles except Adc. My favorite champions are Vi, Leblanc, Skarner, Maokai and Shyvana. 9/10 games I play a successful lane phase, solo or support. My time zone is in Japan and so it can be hard to find regular players. I am 24 years of age.

If interested please add me in game as Santhor or drop me a message here.