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LF dedicated Bot Lane for Tournament Play

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Senior Member


IGN: Môônskïn
Age: 20
Time zone: East cost GTM -5
Availlability: ALL DAY 5:30pm to 11pm my time. (This should never change, I have a stable work schedule and I`m not gonna leave for school or w/e)

My Experience:
I've been playing league since beta, and support since early S2. I've been in many many teams, did Go4lol and about 10 other small tournaments.

S2: 1832 Top elo
S3: 1692 Top elo
Where I think I should be::2k-2.2k (Please refer to my mastered champions)

Why you should choose me:
First of all, I can play ALL supports at a decent level, I understand bot lane and the overall game mechanics very well. I know how it is to play in a team and what people expect from a support. I know pretty much all the ward tricks and how to place them over walls and the sweet spot needed to do that. In lane, I know when to be agressive or passive, timing is key. I keep track of buff timers, wards, and summoners and write them down in chat for the team. I know how to bait and play with my hp in order to make plays, dying for my carry or my team in order to create a good play is something that I do often and I'm good at it.

I also would like to mention that going pro IS one of my dream and goal. I'm willing to play every day to get there and I even started to stream no long ago. I'm someone who likes theory crafting a lot, I enjoy trying odd things and learning from my experience. I've been the caller for many teams and I know how to Macro and make match plan.

My best champions:
Mastered: Janna, Blitz, Sona, Taric, Soraka, leona
Good: Zyra, thresh, nami, Elise, lulu
Need to practice: Nunu, alistar
Unorthodox supports that I play: Jarvan, GP, Urgot, Pant, Nid, Nautilus

Add me in game if you wish to talk or have more information. I would love to be part of your team and stay in the long run. I'm very dedicated and motivated. Hit me up!

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Senior Member


IGN: ZerøShift
Age: 23
TZ: Mountain
Availability: Mon - Fri after 6PM EST. Weekends are undecided and generally free.
S2 End: 1820
S2 Top: 1889
S3 Current: 16XX (Keep jumping between 1620 - 1660)
S3 Top: 1905
Where I should be: I don't believe in claiming i'm better than others, I'm where I am and thats good enough for me. Start of Season 1 I was silver, End I was plat. There is no way for me to know where I could end up end of Season 3 or even a couple of months from now.
Application For: ADC
Champion Pool: Draven, Ezreal, Graves, Ashe

Experience: My experience as an adc is not to say extensive, but I've learned from watching my lane partners. I've been a support main since I've started League and have since switched to adc as my prefered role. I know the capabilities of all supports as I mained support in S2 and have done quite a bit of it in S3. Regardless, there is still room for me to grow, but I feel I've a pretty solid mechanical gameplay. I can follow calls pretty well while maintaining my lane.

About Me: I know there isn't much I can do to get ahead in this game except solo que and hopefully ranked 5's, but as it stands I've yet to find a dedicated team. I'm willing to put the time into practicing as a team and working together to get higher elo. My ranked 5's from season 2 was platinum and I supported all of the games, I wasn't a sub sitting in for the badge. With all that said please consider my application.

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Senior Member


IGN: tehWhiteBan
Age: 18
TZ: Eastern
Availability: Anytime you need me, just tell me when.
S2 End: 1750
S2 Top: 1780
S3 Current: 1779
S3 Top: 1825
Where I should be: Platinum at this point, my mouse has been messing up lately so i won't be moving up until then. Trying to avoid ranked.
Application For: ADC
Champion Pool: Corki, Graves, Ezreal, Cait, Ashe

Experience: Not much experience in competitive league. A few go4lols with some teams but nothing noticeable. I've played the game for awhile so i know matchups.

About Me: I've been looking for a team for awhile. I have no schedule set, i can play anytime and anyday. Give me a time and i'll be there. I mained adc on almost every team i've been on throughout S1-S3. I try to grab it in solo queue but that's almost impossible at my elo.

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Professor JDaddy



irst off all Respond to this thread with your Summoner name, what you are applying for, and what seperates you from other applicants. We would also like to see what your Elo was S2, Current Elo in S3, Max Elo in S3, AND where you feel you belong.

Summoner Name: Doctor Mandingo
Age: 20
Role: ADC
Mains: Ezreal, Caitlyn, Graves, Vayne
S2 top elo: 2150
S3 top elo: 1971
Experience: Alienware, top 10 in go4lol multiple times, scrims with 2.2k+ teams etc.