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What do you think of this most?

overpowered 1 12.5%
underpowered 0 0%
netural 1 12.5%
workable but needs editing 5 62.5%
great idea and very thesible 1 12.5%
will not work at all. none of the aspects are recomended 1 12.5%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 8 .

sky set

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I'd like to thank you all for your criticism and advice and I am currently working on overhauling these items to make them useable, reliable, and be able to fulfill certain niches that would benefit the community. I know this will not happen in a day, but I will work to adjust these item over days, week, and possibly months to reach a true consensus. This is a personal project born of seer creativity and thought. I will try to post an update on these items weekly and keep up with recommendations. BTW due to popular demand I will keep the Eagle Feather and try to incorporate boot builds into it maybe even make it a unique passive. And once again thank you for the advice and criticism I look forward to providing interesting, but viable items to be made.

Proof that you don't have to respond to negative criticism with vitriol. Even if Riot doesn't visit item forums almost ever, it's cool to see someone take the criticism and continue to work on their idea.

Pretty rare too. /salute

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I taken out all the items except the eagle feather this time to thoroughly make sure they are not too overpowered or underpowered, but don't be too quick to the draw I do have a new item to show. I have decided to narrow my focus down to one item at a time and try to eliminate the excess uses and give more rewarding, but cautioned ones. Ok now on to the good stuff.

first off review (yay! but not like school so don't strain yourself )

Eagle Feather
(new) unique passive:enhanced movement- +10 movement
[though it would have been funny to see someone try to stack this]
cost:200 gold

review over; yes if you read this far you get a cookie (we do have sugar free for those who are glucose intolerant)

new item

Pegasus Boots
builds from: Eagle Feather and Boots of Speed
unique passive-enhanced movement- +45 movement speed
now here is where I need to watch what I say....
Unique active- escapist- uses one charge and grants the user 15% movement speed over 1.5 sec.
- note of warning- upon taking any damage while this is active, it will half its effect and decrease rapidly
note of note-ness: This item starts with three charges one can be used right after the other, but once empty they must be refilled at the shop simply by recalling.

I relish the opportunity to see the community feedback and will be posting new items once I have them more....well better for lack of a better term at the moment. Do not think that I am just going to post an item and think it is the best idea ever (I know better), but I will work hard to get a decent reply and would love to see the support of these items (maybe even just one...) get added to the game. Thank you and good day fellow summoners. =D

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bump because i did make a mistake in making that last post a quick reply, and please for your strategic and viewing pleasure enjoy