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looking for name or artist

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Junior Member


hello i am making a champion concept but i am terrible artist.

1) i would like it if anyone can think of good names for a male champion give away.

2) if any person who is good at drawing would like to make a champion drawing, i cant pay you but i will gladly give you the credits for the picture.
if you feel like drawing someone just for fun however i would very much appreciate it.

things for #2
weapon: i would like the champion to have a sword, heavy broadsword or katana type, i would like the sword to stand out from others if possible like adding a cool texture/markings or even shape.

champion: i would like a slick style champion like old dante (dmc) or raiden (mgs) over beafy people like darius or the tank guys from gears of war.

either way thank you for your time.

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Senior Member


Hey there, I can help you out np, just msg me when ya get the chance..