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Challenging "Good Player's"

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Add me in game if you wish, we can do some duo Q. I have found so much more success with duo Q than with solo.

I wont be carrying you tho, if we both do our jobs we should be ok.

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Sorry to break it to you, but all these things that you are complaining about doesn't go away with higher elo.

You still get...

AP Ashe
Double Jungle
Sion Support
MF Mid
Jungles stealing farm
Top Amumu
Top Rammus
Double Support
AD Sona
Jungle Annie
Zero map awareness
Mid or feed
Double Mid
And whatever else you can think of.

Heck, I saw one of Phantoml0rd's games where the enemy had support Gragas who built straight health and would walk into his enemy team 1v5 and just dance as long as he could. Troll Gragas won that game. This is a game over the 2200 mark.

The trick is you have to win those games regardless of what your team is doing. You know what you have to do to win, so ignore those players and do what ya gotta do. Just shut up and play.

Another thing I find works is protecting the player on your team who is doing the best. Most games can be won if you make sure your most skilled player is kept alive.

Edit: Just was watching some CrS Stvicious stream (2300+ elo). MF had a sunfire cape. There was a Jungle Ez. Lulu mid. Naut top. Lee refused to buy items and farmed top til they lost. Cass support. Basically all I am showing is that weird unorthodox play styles happen at every elo. And yes, these are ranked games.

Exactly this. You have to learn to work to work with your team, its composition, and others' play style.