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Taco the Dragon Productions: Valence, the Warrior's Strength

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Taco the Dragon

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Valence, the Warriors Strength

Roles: Melee, fighter, tank

In the early years of Demacia, there lived a young boy named Valence. He was differant than all the other children. He was strong, very, very, strong. He beat all the boys in every grade in his school in arm wrestling with ease. He could wrestle the secuirity guards in his school to the ground two at a time. Of course, he ment for no harm, he was a nice kid. He never abused his brute strength. As he grew up, he began to make a living off arm wrestling, easily defeating anyone who dared to challange him. Even in his adult years, he never comitted any crimes, and was hated by no one.
However, when he was confronted by the military, he said that he would do anything to protect his people. His first battle however, didn't go how he expected. He wasn't defeated, he didn't like to see his allies die near him. Wanting to protect his people still, he went to the front lines and went all out. The enemies that awaited him were defeated, but so was Valence. He was barely able to stand. All around him was death. People that threatened everyone. Soon after Valence recovered, he joined the League of Legends to defend his friends.
Although, Valence is proving to be a hassle, showing that he can't even count to 10.


Passive: Brute Strength: Valence gains 0.5% of his HP as attack damage.

Q: Devaster:
Valence punches the ground, making a large shockwave, dealing large damage and slowing enemies. If Valence is knocked up or is in the air from Jump, he can cast this spell to rocket down and deal much more damage.
Damage: 90 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 310 Physical damage. (+0.45 per ability power.)
Airborn Damage: 140 / 240 / 340 / 440 / 540 Physical damage. (+0.65 per ability power.)
Cool down: 15 seconds.
Mana cost: 90 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120
Radius: 400 units.

W: Jump:
Valence jumps to target location. If he casts Devaster while in the air, he will rocket down to the targetted location, dealing damage.
Cool down: 25 / 23.5 / 21 / 19.5 / 17 seconds.
Mana cost: 75 mana
Range: 500 units.

E: Pressure:
Valence gives his target a big bear hug, snaring them and himself, dealing physical damage over time.
Damage: 150 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 600 Physical damage over 2 seconds. (+0.75 per attack damage.)
Cool down: 25 seconds.
Range: 250 units.
Snare Duration: 2 seconds.

R: Valence's Wrath:
Valence smacks his target dealing medium damage, then, after several seconds, he can recast this spell on the same target, dealing TONS OF DAMAGE.
1st Cast Damage: 350 / 400 / 600 Physical damage. (+0.65 per attack damage.)
2nd Cast Damage: 1000 / 1500 / 2000 Physical damage. (2.0 per attack damage.)
Range: 350
Mana cost: 100 on first cast. 400 on second.
Cool down: 200 / 190 / 180 seconds.



"I'll beat them all!"
"Nothing can hold me back!"
"I am Valence, here me ROAR!"
"The ground cracks at your feet."


"HNNNNNNNNNNGHHH!!!" *Flexes, then makes a tiny fart, and then relaxes with a sigh.*

"You have strength? Dude, puh-leese. *Flexes* HNNNNNNNNNGH!!!!"


-Valence's name comes from Valence Electrons. Electrons that show themselves, since Valence is often showing off his strength.
-Valence is based off of Goku from Dragonball Z and the Iop from the Dofus/Wakfu series.

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Taco the Dragon

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Taco the Dragon

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