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Draven Arena - The Last Demacian

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Draven Arena: The Last Demacian

On Murder Bridge, the audience chanted "Draven" as the nexus and pad began to beep and light up. The aura around the arena blinked, revealing its light purple doom surrounding the place Draven stood in the middle of the bridge, twitching from the chanting from the crowd. Draven motions the crowd to chant louder as he tosses his blades in the air. The crowd screams at the spectacle and were excited for the blood that was soon to commence. Draven clears his throat as the announcer of Summoner's Rift mimics his words


The crowd and Draven heartily laugh, listening to the announcers voice laugh with them.
Draven clears his throat again as the announcers voice is now his voice.

"LETS PLAY OUR FAVORITE GAME..." He pauses as the crowd knew what was next


More cheers as newb summoners fell from the sky, spawn on the walls and floors and some stuck in mid air. Everyone braced themselves for the splatter of summoner blood spraying in all directions. Draven skipped like a school girl as he caught his blades that bounced of each of the summoners, throwing till his arms looked like propellers.

He yawned as he quickly bore of the screams of the summoners, "To Easy."

Someone cried out from the audience "SUPER MINIONS!!!"

Draven caught his blade and tossed them into the ground, the blade rushing through the earth and through all the remaining summoners.

"Alright," he cried. "SUPER DUPER DRAVEN MINIONS!!!"

The crowd awed at the idea. Giant super minions with 2 Turret Minions on each shoulder and the face of Draven began to spawn until 6 surrounded him.

He prepared himself as he jumped into the air and threw his blade at the minions.
The blades made a loud "PANG" as it clunked on one of the giants as the six faces of Draven stared at him. He gulps as he realized that he had made a huge mistake, knowing this was not going to end well.

"ABORT- ABORT, GIT RID OF THEM!!!" his cries were met with a giant black metal ball of spike straight to the face. The burning beam of energy shooting from the shoulder of the minions seared into Draven's flesh. As Draven fell and hit the bridge, the Super Duper Draven Minions began to pummel his body into the ground. After decimating Draven into a wet pulpy mess, the minions began to overload and dissolve.

A familiar voice echoed through the arena,

"An enemy has been slain... cause he sucks."

The crowd laughed as Draven's lifeless body slowly disappeared. A very mad Draven revived at the spawn point and started dashing toward the arena, hearing the sounds of the audience slowly leaving. Draven threw his blades towards the exit, destroying and killing anyone attempting to leave.


The crowd shivered in fear when they heard his voice echo through the area.


A large shadow appeared over the bridge as a large gust of wind kicked up the bushes.
The audience placed their heads down and began to kneel, feeling the power presence looming over them. Draven looked up as he felt his butt tighten as he saw the large shadow descended from the sky. The demonic bird figure landed in the middle of the crowd, where a grand cloak shaded over a black throne. Draven got on his knees as Swain reverted from his Bird Form into his human presences. He takes a seat on the throne as he stares at this excuse for a champ.

"I give you what you wanted and you can't even entertain your own slaves" Swain says as the cloak conceals his smile.

"Yes Lord Swain, I am so sorry, I completely understand." Draven quivered as he spoke, hoping he will not get punished for killing his own slaves.

Swain slowly says in a deep tone, "You see Draven, I got what I wanted."

The crowd in unison begin to chant Swain name in a zombie like state, stopping only when Swain raises his hand. Swain lowers his hand as he begins to speak to Draven again.

"Now, Draven, entertain me please, because it seems you have become much weaker. But, how can you possibly entertain me?"

Swain looks to the crowd as the audience begins to murmur to each other ideas of what Draven might have to endure.

The crowd fell silent as a young child called out, "THE LAST DEMACIAN"

A sinister, twisted laugh cackled through the air as Swain heard the idea.
As the words of the young child began to echoed through the arena, Draven began to feel the **** slither down his pants. The air began to suck into the middle of a bridge and spawn a small figure chained by two poles in the middle of the map.

"I think I just Draven'd myself" he whimpered.

The chains clanked loudly as the small arms pulled on them, the poles bending slightly in the pulled direction. The white ponytails flayed in the wind as the petite framed body let out an angry cry. The bridge shook as the small muscular Yordle stomped on the ground. The crowd rose to their feet as Poppy let out a roar of rage and hatred.

"**** YOU SWAIN, **** YOU NOXIANS, I WILL AVENGE MY DEMACIAN BRETHERN, I SHALL REVIVE THE WILL OF DEMACIA!!!" She let out with all her might as she slumped down, slowly gasping for air.

Draven stood shaking in fear at the presence of Poppy. This battle will test the limits of pain that Draven may have never known existed.Thoughts of regret overwhelmed him as he remember of how teams in SSR catered to his every will, allowing him to score easy First Bloods and PENTA Kills. A presence of death overcame him as Poppy looked up and stared him down. Poppy grunted as she spit on the ground, smelling the **** pant champion from where she was at.

"I will make you eat your own **** and then you are going to explore your own ass as soon as these chains are released."

Draven let out a little girly scream as he fell on the ground in the fetal position and started saying his name in a whimpering tune.


The crowd began to boo the crazed champ, getting annoyed and rowdy as they knew Draven was no match for the dangerous yordle. Slowly, Swain stood up as the crowd's noise died down, the audience attention turned and locked on to their Lord.
The entire arena grew silent as they stared at Swain, waiting for his next action.
As Swain looked onto the battlefield, a familiar sound filled the arena and a light in the distance began to shine. The spawn point at the edge Murder Bridge began to glow and come to life as an entity began to spawn in. The crowd began to shout and scream as they realized the real reason Swain had come to the arena. A large figure appeared on the point as soon as the lights vanished upward into the sky. The dust settled as the wine colored cape waved behind the man as he walked onto the battlefield. The staff end of his Guillotine Axe sounded as it hit against the ground, announcing his stride into the map. The announcer's voice calls out a very familiar saying.

"A Player has reconnected."

Crowd gave standing ovations, clapping furiously as Darius made his way to the champions in the middle of the bridge. Darius sniffed in disgust as saw his brother in a crazed stupor, convulsing on the ground and foaming from the mouth as Draven continued to whisper out his own name. Darius spat on his brother and shook his head in disgrace.

"Brother, what have you become?"

Darius placed his boot on his brothers head and softly pressed down. He looked up to Poppy, the look of anger could not hide the sadness hanging in his menacing expression.

"This is what the League did to him. Summoners found out about his true raw talent and abused his egotistical mind. They promised him untold fame and riches. They say he would become the top 'tier' of champions, the number one ranked amongst us all."

He looked down onto his brother one last time.

"Tournaments, contest and prizes Draven? Did you not know what this "game" was truly about?" Darius flips his weapon, and in one swoop, swept Draven off of the bridge into the dark chasm of Murder Bridge.

Darius looked onto the silent and waiting crowd. He took a deep breath as he raised his weapon high into the air, the crowd silence erupting into a loud salute to him as "Noxus" was cheered throughout the arena.Darius turned to the standing Swain and bowed towards him. Swain bowed to his friend and comrade as the crowd's chant grew louder. As the two champions finish bowing, Darius gave a small nod to Swain. Swain nodded in response, and lifted his hands into the air, manipulating the aura of the arena, and nullifying all sound of the area. The crowd could not speak or hear as Darius came over to where Poppy was located. Poppy gritted her teeth and let out a snare as soon as her gaze met his. Darius walked closer until he was only ten feet away from her.
Swain watch with intrigued as Darius came to meet the mighty yordle, as he too could not hear any sounds, for mutual respect for his friends personal affairs.

The crowd rose and angled themselves towards the champion on the bridge, some almost falling out of their seats into the abyss below. Darius and Poppy stood silently staring at each other, their eyes looked onto to each other's gaze. The audiences tensed up as soon as Darius parted his lips.

"HAaa...choo" He sneezed to the side as he wipes his nose with his glove. He looked back to Poppy and began to speak.

"Hello Poppy, it has been a season since I have last seen you..." Darius said as he laid down his weapon.

Poppy lowered her head at his response, she clenched her fist as she stood up from the ground.

"What do you want from me?" she said in a low serious tone.

As Darius was about to speak, Poppy continued on.

"You want me to forgive you?
You want me to be yours forever?
You want me to lay with you in a bed of blood and bodies of my friends and citizens?"

Poppy eyes burned with hatred and anger as she penetrated Darius vision. Darius felt his blood boil as he could feel her burning energy.

"Poppy, you cannot say you like how it was. Day in, Day out, the fights we had. When the summoners actions cause so many meets of my body against your hammer.
You smiled as you crushed my skull against the walls, slammed your hammer into my gut, and shattered my rib cage several times."

He leaned in close and whispered in a soft tone.

"The times you shoved it into my orifice when summoners would lose control... where we stood in time together..., your hammer deep within in me, our bodies hidden in the bush for no one to know but us two. You caressed my hair and kissed my cheek with your lips as you motion your hammer up and down, filling me with pain, but so much more pleasure. I never have forgotten about that day. I know you can feel it as well."

Poppy breathed heavy as she look unto Darius

"Poppy, you are a warrior as much as I am, and to see you like this..." Darius let a painful sigh as his lip quivered a bit.

"You knew it would someday come to this, Not everyone can enjoy constant battle like you and I do. I had to do what was best for my friends and my people.
Now I want to do what is best for you... Hopefully for us. Poppy... I want you to be my warrior queen." Darius said in a serious tone as he uttered these words.

Poppy stared at his expression, her head hanged down as a tear trickled down her and falling, hitting the ground.

"I loved our battles, the times we had where your gracious form came down on me, splitting my skull with your weapon as it cut through my body. The way you pulled me into your strong body as you spun with dominance, Decimating every bit of my wanting body. I always looked forward to every chance I forced myself onto you. The times you forced yourself on me... But..."

She looked unto Darius once again, her eyes pierced with the intensity of a Raging Alistar
She yelled out a roar that shook the Bridge.


Darius felt his heart sink as a pressure built up in his chest. Her eyes filled him with joy and anger as he roared with satisfaction.


He raised his weapon into the air as the sounds of the crowd's cheers began to slowly fill the arena. In front of Poppy, her hammer began to spawn. The two heads of her hammer were modified with a grater like edge. Darius felt the rush in his souls as the chained were released, freeing Poppy's arms. She stretched her arms out as she grabs her hammer. She runs her fingers along the small pyramid shaped spikes that were on her hammer, staring into the reflection the metal casted of herself. As she looked passed the hammer, the waiting Darius held his weapon outward, pointing to her.

"I will ****ing kill you," Poppy snorted.

"Come Poppy, let our weapons do the talking!!!" Darius bellowed

The two champions charged at each other at full force, as the crowd cheered loudly to the deafening sounds of the weapons meeting.

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Not the ff i expected but funny enough XD Gj.