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New Team Recruiting

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I am starting from the ground up; I am a main support player. This will be a competetive team that plays in online tournaments weekly and will utilize ranked 5's as preperation for these matches. The goal is to create a name for the team and work our way into the professional scene. Season 3 will be building our team brand. Here is what I need:

A Mid Player that is prepared to play and counter both AP & AD casters
A Jungler who has experience in ranked 5 on 5 games and understands counter jungling, invading, and how to effectively read the board.
A Jungler that always keeps track of all camp timers
A Top Player that can play and maintain a constant cs avg each game that can be depended on
A Top Player who can switch lanes effectively
Players (no matter what position they play) that have experience in microphone communication, effective objective orientation, and prioritize safe engagements

1500 + Elo [ Solo/ Duo, Ranked 5's ]
Prior league of legends ranked 5's history
Ability to commit to a team and schedule***
Effective and clear verbal communication

Tryout Process:
Please fill out the below information so that I may review it and contact you. Feel free to add me in game, but understand that it will not expedite the tryout process and all applicants will need to fill out the below application to be considered. Once I have reviewed your application, you will be interviewed and then we will play together. Don't worry you will have up to 3 games to prove why you should be chosen. Once the team has been created we will immediately start training.

Things to think about when trying out:
Your Preferred Champions
Your Cs/ gold per game
Ward timers/ ward locations
Agressive Harass/ Passive defense
How to play properly against your counters
Reaction Time
Team Fight comprehension
*Positive ATTITUDE*
*Champion Knowledge*

Please follow the layout below:
Summoner Name
Email Address
Position/ Role you're interested in Applying for
Most Proficient Champion
Secondary Champions
"Why I want to join your Team"
"What I feel I can bring to the team"
Prior Team Experience
Microphone? Skype, ventrillo, etc.
Lastly, anything you want to say to us as a team or me individually as a recruiter/ captain

Yorick / Singed
I'm tired of playing ranked queue and losing due to other people's shortcomings. Im ready for a real team.
I'm awesome, and I communicate really well
I havnt been on a real team but have played with others in ranked 5s before
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday all day
Yes and Yes
I hope to join soon!

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out. I will be in touch soon.