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champion idea called ( alexandra the frozen sword)

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She lives on dark island she is alone with her little army of little monsters , and anyone who tryed to go there and find whats in this island dyed . she is alone becouse her family hates her becouse she can kontrol the frozen sword , they cant becouse it is too powerful for them sword is verry powerful thats why they left her , thats why the mother started war to kill her but alexandra was stronger and that why he killed her own mother for good ..

Q. bonus atack damage 60/110/160/210/260 (+1) for 3 sec cooldown 11 sec no cost..
!!1when you cost this ability the sword is red !!!

W. she open her eyes and hit the earth with her frozed sword that way she stun all for 1,5sec ..
no cost
cooldown:10 sec

E.she throw her sword and starts rotating and she gose under the ground , after this she climb from the ground rotating that way she can also teleport to her enemy and kill him with only rotating.
cooldown.18 sec
no cost

R. her ult is little army of little monsters from her island comes and help her to kill the enemyes the monsters are create from mud 45 sec .
monsters are 3 they are powerful like annies bear ..
no cost
range 600
cooldown 120 sec

pasive:with every kill on enemy ONLY bonus 10 ad .
joke . she starts rotating on her sword.
dance. she starts danceing with her monsters