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Feel free to elaborate on these steal them, make them your own, make a concept. Im just an idea man.

There is no order, rhyme or reason behind the way I did this list.

Reverse Orianna:
A giant ball throwing a small orianna around.

Reverse Warwick:
Make him a human skin.

Little Mermaid Nami:
Make her look like ariel

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme Pack:
Kung-Fu Twitch:
Twich in a purple robe, like Splinter.

Super Talon:
Obviously he is Shredder

Teenage Rammus:
No spikes, with the TNMT Mask.


Tarantula Elise:
Elise fighting in fur then when she goes in spider mode she is a big hairy tarantula.

Wizard of OZ Pack

We're not in Kansas anymore Anne:
Plaid dress, tibbers is now a giant Toto.

Tin-Man Armor Draven

Cowardly Rengar:
Looks like the cowardly lion.

Brainless Fiddles:
Make him look more like a classic scarecrow

Flying Monkey Galio:
Make Galio look like a Flying Monkey


Classic Movie Monsters Pack:


The Great Amumu

Nami From The Black Lagoon

Thunder Bird Anivia:
Instead of ice she shoots lightning and her ice wall is a wall of lightning. Think Zapdos

Fire Bird Anivia:
Instead of ice, Fire. Like Moltres

Daisy Zyra,
Zyra with a big daisy head.

Pirannah Plan Zyra:
a Marioesque skin.