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Can we please have before/after game chats logged in tribunal?

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The enemy team had 3 people leave this game, and after the game this was the chat... Problem is he probably won't get banned even though he is quite obviously a toxic player. I did copy and paste this into the tribunal comments so maybe it will help but..

----------(enemy): report the other people but me and diana
erenion2: Already did
SatThuMu: nope
SatThuMu: all of you
----------(enemy): for what?
SatThuMu: for fun
SatThuMu: cuz i know
SatThuMu: tribunal auto ban
SatThuMu: i do tribunal
----------(enemy): dont troll
SatThuMu: i just auto punish
erenion2: Well, I'll just copy and paste this chat log into tribunal then

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This really needs to be added in as a function, because a lot of the acidity from people occurs before and after the match, because they know they are being recorded. If the pre- and post-game chats were logged, then the acidity would go away, or if not, they could rightly get in trouble for it, like this person, Mielikke:


Elisfr joined the room.
Mielikke joined the room.
Drazlle joined the room.
Brohan34 joined the room.
MasterKurosawa joined the room.
Grishhammer joined the room.
Big Eug joined the room.
TheConn joined the room.
JHSlick14 joined the room.
princeofkaraoke joined the room.
Brohan34: gg wp
MasterKurosawa: gg
Mielikke: reportomg
Mielikke: reporting
Mielikke: whole team
JHSlick14: ?
JHSlick14: wow
Mielikke: look at this trash
JHSlick14: dude
JHSlick14: chill
princeofkaraoke: yeah
Brohan34: u dint help us at all maybe 2 fihgts
princeofkaraoke: wow he isnt on ur team
Mielikke: reporting all of me
Mielikke: ya **** that
Mielikke: they suck ****
TheConn: my god was she annoying.
TheConn: She even went through the trouble of ignoring me after the game.

This is the type of stuff that happens after the game with acid people, and even if they act good in-game, this is what needs to be dealt with.This all happened after I reported this person, too.
Riot, please do something about this, because all of their actions should be what they are punished or pardoned on, not just the in game.