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Yjain Taldras, the outcast

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Keala Mensha Kha



once AGAIN still on my war hammer 40k frenzy, bored, and figured "hey, not enough eldar like champions in league if any" so here we go(mario voice) i borrowed from udyr a little in that this champion swaps Aspects/stances to improve his fighting ability, i TRIED to make it not a copy paste of his stance swapping but lets see what you all think.

passive- Phoenix Warrior - for every 1% health and mana missing, Yjain gains .5% of the missing amount as health and mana Regen, respectively, this effect is goes on a 7 sec CD if struck by a turret or champion,

Q- Aspect of the Spider- Yjain draws a short sword, gains attack speed and movement speed based on how low nearby enemy champion health is. 5/6/7/8/10% 5 sec CD

W - Aspect of the Snake- Yjain draws twin daggers,the next attack is a guaranteed critical strike, and envenoms the target reducing their movement speed and attack speed by 15/18/21/24/26% for 7 sec. Yjain also gains 5% life steal and spell vamp while in aspect of the snake, 5 sec CD, this effect can not strike the same target for 8 sec

E- Aspect of Shadows- Yjain draws no weapon, but briefly becomes invisible for 1 sec, and his next basic attack will flash him to the enemy location and reduce the target and nearby targets sight to half and restrict ally vision sharing. 10/9/8/7/6 sec CD , this effect can not effect the sight of more than two champions.

R- Aspect of War- Yjain draws a halberd, increasing basic attack range slightly, and causing all kills to refresh Yjain's other cooldowns instantly, while in the Aspect of war, Yjain takes 5% less damage and can not benifit from life steal of spell vamp. critical stikes are 50% more effective in this form 18/15/12 sec CD

probably a bust but thats why you all are here to share with me how to improve upon it! or change it drastically if needed.