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Double O Teemo

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So the idea if fairly straight forward. Teemo with a skin something like a James Bond 007 theme.

Skin Basics: He'd wear a tuxedo, and use a silenced blowgun

Q: nothing fancy, just maybe a black dart that made a silenced whisper kinda sound when fired
W: Some sort of super spy gadget to make him move faster, rocket shoes, a jet pack, something like this.
E: base, maybe a slight colo change from the poison
R: Instead of shrooms he could drop c-4 explosive charges that would make a little explosion upon being triggered. Maybe add in a deeping sound when places, or triggered... just right before it went off. You know like in the movies when they place a bomb and its this corny clique beeping.

Dance: He could walk slowly, and then suddenly pull out his blow gun and pretend to shoot something... like the intro to any james bond movie.

Idk, its not polished, but its an idea I had, see ya in game!