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Optical Gaming eSports Community

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oG eRocK



Hello guys ... My name is Erik "eRocK" Reynolds I am the owner and founder of Optical Gaming. Please read the detailed post below which describes a little bit about us.

Optical Gaming was formed over 5 years ago, but a group of friends who all game together, We are a multi-gaming community that includes gamers from a variety of games. Right now we currently support: CS 1.6, CSGO, and LoL. We know that there are a lot of different games out there and with that being said that means there are tons of gamers from each game out there. Like any other gaming community .... we are a community built by gamers, for gamers.

Currently we have 1080 members registered on our forums and still growing. We as a community are hoping to push into the competitive scene in the near future. With that being said we found it to be a good idea to open up a League of Legends team as well as a Dota 2 team.


IP: vent.opticalgaming.net
Port: 4714

** Note ** We do have a password on the ventrilo server so get in contact with someone in oG and we will give it to you.

Why should I join oG?

Here at Optical Gaming we are a strong community that has a lot of gaming servers for our members to enjoy and have fun on. We also have a variety of in house competitions that we do randomly and give out free games ect.

If you are interested in joining and helping us build our LoL Team or if you are a team and looking for a sponsor please add me on LoL my name is : oG eRocK