How About Some New Trinity Force-ish Items

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I was thinking since Trinity force is a decent item and mostly for hybrid character. How about two or three new Trinity items?

Like melee, mage and tank items along with the original hybrid trinity force. they would give higher stats in their respective areas. Instead of smaller stats across the board. Later they could even have a jungler version of it but we currently have the spirit items so I doubt that, but it is just an idea.

By doing this we can have some more items to go along with certain roles. Yes I know a lot of characters make use of both AP and AD but by doing this we would have some more specialized item. Like if I have a character that makes no use out of AP but everything else in TF then it feels wasted. So why not some more trinity items that do just that and allow for specialization.


Melee: [aka Power]
Stinger, Phage, Brutalizer

Mage: [aka Wisdom]
Sheen, Hextech Revolver, Haunting Guise

Tank: [aka Courage]
Hexdrinker, Wardens Mail, Glacial Shroud