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Thresh Anti-soul zoning

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I Personally wanted to just send this up to riot, to ask if it was intentional, but not knowing how to do that, I figured i would let the world know.

First there are a few minor things that look like bugs to me,

1: Flay doesnt actually extend to thresh's full attack range, but rather stops just short,
leading you to land your auto- attack but miss the flay because it has MINOR range reduction. please match the range of flay from 470 to 475 so that it matches his auto attack range.

2: The box seems to take much longer to activate than his other skills, instead of comming up when r is pressed there seems to be a .75 second delay. might need some tweaking

3: using dark passage will gather souls near the lantern, Im not sure if this is a bug, or if it was put in to make it harder to zone thresh from his souls either way, would like to see this mechanic kept.

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Some of his animations shows him sucking souls from his lantern, so I'd say it's not a bug.