Digi Throwdown - Nidalee

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I'm going for a tribal theme with her. For the staff, the stone will be of lapis and the feathers will be of a falcon. The same sort of theme will go for the mask as well. All of the "haystack targets" will look like pincushions in the final product. I'm still stuck on what to put on the foreground, but hopefully I'll think of something...

I downloaded Photoshop CS2 for free from Adobe.com, borrowed my friend's tablet, and got to work! I have very little knowledge of PS, so everything is completely drawn in by hand and then I use the smudge tool if it looks like it needs it. :P

I'm not quite sure what order I'm supposed to be coloring stuff in, so I just made a million layers haha.

I'm not sure why it's so small, but here is the entire picture - http://imgur.com/t4iNHAY

Update: Worked on just Nidalee for a bit. http://imgur.com/fH2glwC Off to play some games now

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this is pretty great.