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Gotta get your stuff together Riot,

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Matchmaking always pairs me with a very unskilled player , a person with 700 ping or a leaver, so I'm gonna go ahead and post here my progress in ranked and everytime I lose I'll post the reason I lost if it had something to do with player behavior. This has to stop, because of this type of players I lost 7 ranked today and won 3, 6 of the losses were dc or a "top or afk" and I always report them but they seem to come back or never stop..
Gonna start with this:

1st game: Teemo in champion selection last pick says: "I can only do top lane, its my only lane", connects to the game and stays afk at base till 20 mins, (from second game and on I'll provide screenshots without names of people showing their behavior)

*******http://s9.postimage.org/ifem2kaff/game1.jpg******** (http://postimage.org/image/ifem2kaff/)

2nd game: everything normal, lost it like it should be lost, vs 4 enemies with 3k hp plus, and Draven, but Draven was overkill already.