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Was I being a bad player to be reported?

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Hi, I've never been banned before from tribunal and I haven't reached level 20 yet. I just wanted to know if I can be banned for this behavior. Please note, I didn't use any offensive language, make fun of anyone , no arguing , etc..

I was in an interesting game with ASHE and I was SION... both were sharing lane. I believed that our "ASHE" was very frustrated with me because I was taking mostly all her or MY farm because I need it the most.. than her ( my point of view ). I think I had about 200+ CS with my E, thats about 600 extra health for . I was also with a bad score of 3/6/6 but our ashe was 1/7/1 or something.

During the beginning of the game, I asked her if she can support and she said no. I also told her that I was not her support which then lead to her report for calling me a "D**CK

I was obviously playing SION as an AD carry so theres no point of using a support build at all.

I forgot what the enemy team said but it was something like... "ashe support op?" and then I replied back through [ALL] chat saying "ashe could be trollin..." The reason I said this was because her build was a Last Whisperer , Nashor's tooth, and then she was building a warmogs.

And then... the game ended and we all lost. Everyone told me that I was a useless player and should been reported.. note that master yi was intentionally feeding with 1/9/1 and was never in a team fight and also was known to be called a back door yi which failed.

anyone think this is bad behavior, enough to get me banned although I didn't say anything wrong...

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Tyra Wadman

Senior Member


Uhhhhhh well so far you've given us nothing to actually decide on. Just that you did this and that, not what was actually said.

Can't say I've seen ADC sion, just ones that get good builds and rip through everything with their lifesteal.