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Client doesn't work with case-sensitive file systems

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Thanks for the response. Very interesting!

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We definitely have this issue on our radar, though. I use a HFS+ Journaled Case-Sensitive at home, so I suffer from the same issue. The way I work around it (for now) is by playing LoL off of a flash drive. It does make load times and patch times longer, but it means I don't have to go through the hassle of repartitioning my hard drive.

I also wanted to expand on this you also can make a virtual drive that is not case sen vice the flash drive method there are ways to do this through the terminal that give more options but if you go through the standard disk utility and click new image and set the size to fit your install with some room for newer content then set up up the partition you want and you will be on your way copy the lol client into this image and open it and it will work as normal.

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this may be a sticky thread...