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Request for the Invite Hud to Allow one to Invite From Friend Folders

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As my friends list has grown, I have sorted my friends into catagories, first of which being alphebetical for those that would otherwse be in general, with those that I play with a bit more regulary in other folders... I tend to want to just mass invite said other folders, rather than nitpick my way through my list of online freinds for the few I wish to invite.

Riot, can you please consider allowing us to invite in a more structred way with possibly the GUI being a defualt all freinds view, and an option for freind folders view.

On a similar note, not that this would make much of a difference, for one so rarely invites everyone on their freinds list to a game, but in the cases of an aram, if one can do an invite all (and maybe deselect the ones they don't want), would be a luxurious addition to the game. This would most likely require the removal of the Invite List Cap, otherwise if one has the max 300 freinds online not in game, the invite all function would still work properly.