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Riot bans higher tier players for "verbal abuse"

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this is kinda sad. I cant believe there are people who do this.

you know whats much, MUCH more sad? people who care that other people do this. you guys realize this is a free to play videogame right?

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Yet doesntt give bans to...idk... PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY **** UP AND MANIPULATE LADDERS?

Robertxlee, slap on the wrist for boosting.

Everytime i flip on lolsooner he IS ON SOMONE ELSES LOWBIE (usually 1300s acc) giving them 2-3 free wins... NOTHING, zero punishment. None.

Haifu I dont even need to explain why, you cant find the screenshots in half a second....

Voyboy GOES ON POOKSIES ACCOUNT, AND STREAMS HIM GETTING HER 600 elo higher then what her average was, getting an achievement she DID NOT deserve.

So calling people ******* is OMG TERIBLE WOW GET OUT OF THIS GAME...

yet people playing other peoples accounts FOR MONEY AND GIVING THEM wins is less terrible?...are you ****ing kidding me.

The problem with this is that all of the evidence of elo boosting and suchlike is drawn from sources outside League of Legends itself, which Riot does not have direct control over. Verbal abuse bans use evidence from within the game.

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Titan Johnson



Hello Cuddlybearmewmew, thanks for reaching out to us!

Have you taken a look around General Discussion lately? There are TONS of threads about this particular subject. As a courtesy to the rest of our community we try not to split conversations up into multiple threads, so I won't be able to give in-depth answers to these questions here.

Take a look in General Discussion and contribute your voice to the existing threads!

-The Beard

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