The truth behind The jungle ...........

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Ever felt pity for killing those poor helpless creatures in the jungle just for a few golds ? Don't's why ...

"Valoran is strict about laws . When someone commits a very heinous crime (rape,murder and other things which i don't wanna type) , they are given death sentence Via league of legends , they are transformed into golems , wolves , wraiths etc. and stay like that until a champion comes and kills him for just a few coins , even badder criminals turn into the red lizard and the blue buff golem. After the respawn time , other death sentenced criminals take their place. The dragon is just one person , dying and resurrecting over and over again because he .... well.... did a VERY bad thing which i don't wanna type here . So as punishment , every champion will want him dead always , everygame .

Baron Nashor is not real , it's just a replica of a real great monster , see here "

Purely my thought ,except the baron , maybe it'll explain a few things about jungle , hope this doesn't condradict with the LoL lore .