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I'm looking for a mentor

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Junior Member


I'm by no means a great player, i'd say i'm decent at best understanding champion abilities team comps, counter picking and such.

Looking for help with runes, masteries, and how I can get better in general. Season 1 i got to rank 1330 season 2 think I barely broke 1500s and so far season 2 I got to 1200s and dropped back down to 1000s...

I've been breaking back into the 3v3 maps as I really hated the new map, but i'm starting to get closer to being okay with the map.

For 5v5, i tend to get stuck in jungler or support role as I don't believe in the calling your lane ****. Aside from adc I can play all areas well, adc is much more hit or miss for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Senior Member


Post any questions and I can answer them for you. Willing to help you with runes/masteries/champions. Unfortunately my jungle is bad and I would not be able to give you tips about that.