The Middle Lane Massacre?!?

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Hobo Strangler



So here is a pattern i have noticed (almost) every game. So me and my fiancee are going bot lane me and her always do we do good and then suddenly the random ppl you get matched up with start dieing over and over middle lane. They don't even have the brain to turret hug they don't even realize i can't save them in time its going to take me like 30 seconds to travel there. But of course i go and help but dear god ppl don't have a brain and then for the next 10 minutes it is a battle to see which 5v5 side is going to eat who alive... And the winner takes middle turret and possibly one more. Has anyone else noticed this? Seriously ppl will even fight middle lane if the enemy is fed or if the enemy team is stronger lved then our team.