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<<<Champion Concept>>> - Vakk, Soul of the Blade

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please comment on mine as well http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3056462

there are many things wrong with this that would cause animators, modelers, and other designers to come after you in a hearbeat! let me explain.

first off you are completely changing the model every time you "augment" him very cool on paper but that means that if you decide to model this character out you need a concept design, model, texture, and animate totally differently for each augment! the way Kha'Zix gets away with it is he already has his bits just invisible and they get attached or revealed as you purchase them.
Another design flaw that i see in this is because your changing the champion your also changing his "silhouette". Which is a big nono, because this tells the player at a quick glance who is coming after them. for clarification on what i mean by the silhouette, its the outline of a character that defines who they are. Take Olaf and Darius for example, both brutish humans with axes but if you completely black them out they are still distinguishable from one another. This is because of their "silhouette".

another biggie that I dont like is you are running a new system of "energy" with this metal, and no consistent way of getting it other then attacking, thus no initiate moves or skills unless he is "farmed up". This is a huge problem that would ruin him late game! 5 champions at your nexus and you can only autoattack? you would be slaughtered in 1 second, and do absolutely nothing about it.

you also need to add ranges for your abilities, and needs a lot of work! if you are going to do a total rework of this champion i would try to follow a LoLwiki page on how they lay out their work. not exatly the moves, but cooldown reduction and range is a must, also what is his role? tanky assassin?

please keep all of this stuff in mind if you decide to rework this champion! and do not get discouraged just keep taking the criticism well and tweeking!

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Seth Winternight

Senior Member


The passive is way too strong if Vakk is leeching 20% of an enemy's AD plus dealing bonus damage. I might just remove this bonus damage he deals so it's just AD leeching and gaining metal per attack.

Also, his Determination ultimate is a bit overpowered considering he will gain tankiness, have a 70% slow (if he stacks on attacks) AND have an ult that will knock up enemies and pull them down SLOWLY. You need to reduce the potential CC of this particular ultimate.

With Compassion, it's going to be difficult to calculate the passive of the ultimate. As well as that in general, the ultimate forms seem disconnected from your set of basic skills and that needs work to make it so that whichever form you choose, the skills still remain as a compliment. I can't exactly see a giant dome shooting out shards/tendrils etc.

Those are the only exceptions I see that need working on. Apart from that, this champion concept is really interesting and there's a skill-based gameplay. Choosing the ultimate and having these variations of gameplay styles is really unique.

But the sometimes a certain role is chosen and if Vakk was playing support to lead up to fountain, his skillset nerfs him in that aspect since his skills are predominantly damaging, rather than supporting. Such things like that is a difficulty and I can understand why some players here are saying that you should simplify the ultimate.

I do wish you luck on this concept, because I believe it will work.

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passive op maybe make it wear down after two basic attacks

also do you need art i can try

here is my champ Idax (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=34774654#post34774654)

ult is too complicated i would just have like forge where he drains health from enemy and converts it to metal