Who do get?

Nocturne 3 60.00%
Vi 0 0%
Jarvan IV 1 20.00%
Hecarim 3 60.00%
Kha'zix 0 0%
Rengar 0 0%
Sona 0 0%
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[POLL] New Jungler(s) and Champs

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Ok, I have 22k IP and need some help advice. I mainly jungle and sometimes support.

I am seeking advice on who to get.

I mainly jungle as Maokai or Xin Zhao, depending on whether or not we really need a tank. I like to think I have gotten to be fairly good as them and I am seeking a new champion or two, to change it up in the jungle. I sometimes off role support, but not often, but when I do I have Taric, Soraka, and Nunu to support.

I have a few ideas of who I may want to try out, and those are posted above. Any advice and help regarding this would be appreciated. Thank you.