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LinkedUpGaming's 3v3 Tourney Last Day to SignUp!

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LUG SlainFox

Senior Member


Tourney Rules


All participants must do the following:

1. Like our Facebook and Sign-up via Event Page Posts

2. Add LUG Spartan, Slainfox and KirkTheJerk to your friends for assistance on LOL

3. Post your SN exactly as it is so we can find you when entering

4. You may also follow on twitter to receive updates there as well

Submitting Proof:

1. Screen Shot of the Stats Screen

2. Both Teams AGREE to relay information to a LUG moderator (This means one member from each team)

3. Have a LOL Replay acct (just register for it) and submit. Let a moderator know when it is submitted and that person will review the replay

Time and No Shows: ALL TIMES ARE EST

1. Tourney will begin on Saturday 1/26 2:00pm and ends Sunday 1/27 9:00pm. If you cannot keep those days free, we suggest not to enter.

2. It is your responsibility to find your opponent and complete your match. Contact us only if your match has concluded or there is a "No Show". Chatting with us is fine too, just be aware that we may not answer right away.

3. We will continue to move on with the tourney if there are no shows. The event will be strictly held in a 6 hour time frame on Saturday. Single elimination matches begin from 2pm-3:30pm (Round 1), 3:30-4:30pm (Round 2), 4:30-5:30pm (Round 3), 5:30pm-6:30pm (Qualifying Round) and end with a best of 3 match from 6:30-8:00pm (End of Quarters).

4. On Sunday, we will continue the tournament at 2:00pm and this consists of only three streamed matches. The two semi final matches which will be a best of 3 and the Finals which stands as a best of 5 match. The first match will begin at 2:00pm so the following matched participants are to be available by 3:30pm and the finalists are to be ready by 5:00pm. If matches end early, we will move on as long as the players are ready, but we will not penalize anyone who isn't if it is before the times previously stated.

5. Using the times stated above, we will be giving a 30 min grace period for late players to the first round and only 15 min periods to all rounds that follow. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!!!

6. If extra teams enter and are put on a waiting list, they will enter the tournament only during round 1 if there are any no shows.

7. We are here to try to support you as we can, but certain guidelines must be maintained. Contact us if you have an issue and stay current with any updates we will be having.

8. Brackets will be posted as soon as we get our 32 teams. Due to the tournament style, the bracket may be confusing at first but we will be here at all times to answer any and all questions.

9. We are also taking extra teams to place on a waiting list in case we have "no shows" during the first round. Subs will enter at 2:30pm on Saturday if the scheduled team hasn't appeared.

Tournament Style:

All 32 teams will be randomly seeded into 4 pools of 8 to compete for entry into the bracketed quarter finals. The pools will consist of 3 single elimination matches, where losing all three will result in elimination from the tournament.

Victors of all 3 matches will automatically move on into the quarters while the remainder are to battle one final single elimination match to continue. All 2 win victors will defend their position against their 1 win opponents. This allows the underdogs an opportunity to prove their metal and win their right into the quarters.

Once the quarters have been filled, they will be played as the final round for Saturday's half of the event as a best of 3. Sunday will consist of the remaining semi finals and finals, all streamed via twitch.tv/LUG_Tournaments

We are experimenting with this style of tournament to create a more amateur friendly competition, allowing more matches to be played per individual or team for a longer competitive experience. If all participants do not delay the event, the tournament will still move at the same rate as previous tournaments, if not faster.


This a 32 team tournament.
$20 RP for Each Person On The Winning Team
$10 RP for Each Person On The Runner Up Team

Match Rules:

1. This is a 5 ban Tournament Draft Pick team match on Twisted Treeline. (Higher seed gets first ban : 1-2-2-2-2-1) Will be done prior to the match in the General Chat.

2. Due to Tournament Draft allowing only 3 bans per team. Each team has to just pick 3 of there 5 bans during the banning process, but still all 10 bans are in effect for actual champion selection.

3. Victory is established when the opponent's nexus is taken.

4. There will be no banned items during this Tournament.

5. There will be no banned summoners during this Tournament.


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LUG SlainFox

Senior Member


20 Teams signed up!

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LUG SlainFox

Senior Member


10pm the brackets will be up.

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LUG SlainFox

Senior Member


4 hours left.