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Blame yourself

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So today I decided to browse the SR forum board. I don't use the forums too often , but I was bored and thought I could learn something new.

I come into the forums and all I can see is post upon post about how people deserve better than what they are getting.
Throughout the time I play LoL per day, ( 5 hours or so, I know I have no life)
I get teams that don't do so well and I get teams that play fine And I get teams that are magnificent.
Looking through the forums It looks like everyone just here complains about ranked.
Everyone seems to like to blame their team 100% all the time because "they lost them the game"
Does anyone blame His/Herself?
If a game has been lost, the only person to blame is yourself.
If you couldn't carry the game then it is your fault that you lost. You will not get great teams every game, but every game is winnable.

Having a positive attitude to your team,
Playing to the best of your ability,
And helping your team if they need you,

I think those are the best ways of winning as many games as possible.
Every Game is winnable, But you can't win every game.
When you get into a lobby, you have the same chance of getting what everyone likes to call trolls on your team, same as getting them on the opposite team.
Personally 90% of the time , The people are not trolling you. Having a bad game is not trolling.

I have lost 300 elo in the last week, If anyone should be calling trolls its me, but I blame myself for every single lose.

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Does anyone blame His/Herself?

No, people who start threads about elo hell are all 2k elo players who somehow keep getting trolled down to 1100 elo.... lol

People who makes those threads really should get lolreply and watch the game they just played again. If you can't find atleast one thing you did wrong and could have improved I'd be shocked. Maybe in a given game you weren't the biggest reason your team lost but there's always something you can do to have improved your own play and that's the only variable you actually have control over.

If you can correct enough of those small mistakes like:
"I shouldn't have facechecked that bush and given first blood"
"I shouldn't have tried to towerdive there"
"I need to last hit better"
"I should have seen that mid was mia before going in"
"I need to make sure baron is warded even if the support doesn't"

Even if it's something like:
"I need to be more passive bot lane if my support doesn't seem to know what's he's doing"

Eventually you'll see your play improve and you'll be able to carry games you might not have been able to before. But why would anybody do this when it's so much easier to blame elo hell?