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Full-screen mode is in a 4:3 ratio... Help? D:

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Vita Luna

Junior Member


I've noticed after downloading Direct X for another game that my full-screen on ALL games has been messed up. This especially effects my game play on league because I'm a mini-map *****, and atm it's waaay too small for my ganking sensors to go off.

Also when I take a screenshot it shows in the regular 16:9 ratio which it isn't in.

If anyone can help me with this please post! T.T

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Riot Morgageddon

Player Support Tech Specialist



Quit outside of League.
Navigate to.../League of Legends/Config/
Inside of there are two text files: game and input.
Delete the game.cfg file.
Open up the LoL Launcher.
Launch LoL
Create a custom with just you in it.
Run the game.
Your screen res and all other display changes will have been reset to default. Adjust them back to your liking, they should stay and remain fixed this time.