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Deathcap ruins AP builds.

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Syndra, Swain, Cass, three champs who benefit way more from Liandry's and Rylais than Deathcap. After giving health burn item for casters, deathcap is more viable for the burst mages like Veigar, who wont benefit from the effect of Liandry's.

Syndra's a burst champion she needs Deathcap or at least a DFG. She has ridiculous burst with a full spell rotation, it's just that her spells are somewhat clunky and her ult is single target and short ranged.

Swain needs mana, he's a very short range champion with no hard cc, the only thing keeping him from dying is his ult. An low-mana Swain is a dead swain. Unless you somehow get 5.7k worth of end-game items before teamfights even start, you will run out of mana.

Cassiopeia can build anything, but generally she wants to kill as many people as possible before her ult wears off. This necessitates burst. It's possible to play Cass as a zoning champion with her slowing miasma, but her passive and ult make for more of an all-in build.

tl;dr Liandry's + Rylais is only good on poke champions that lack cc, % current health dot is bad for burst. Most mages do not fit this category, they let the rest of their team poke and they do the aoe burst.