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Troll Premades

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I have a huge issue with the reporting system and premade system being combined, when you can encounter a team of 2-4 people who've decided they just want to make someone's life hell and gang report them for saying "I'm going to report you".

Honestly I don't mind the occasional troll, it's annoying but whatever. But I recently had a group of trolls, where one guy basically said "I'm going to farm and make your game worse because it happened to me in ranked" off the bat. He then proceeded to intentionally feed, and that lead to other people on the team harassing me and encouraging the other team to report me (they did it as a group) for being harassed.


Like really? Not only that, but my ONE report will go unnoticed because it was just me. Why isn't there a 'true' grievances section, which people can go to to have their game examined if they feel the reporting process won't pick it up? If the response to that is 'too many people would use it', then that's kind of a huge problem.

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The problem with this train of thought is that even if all nine players in that game reported you, it's only one single report in a game as I've come to understand it. The only way that single game will affect you is if you were already toxic enough to earn reports in a significant amount of your previous games. Did you report everyone on your team in that game? I'm willing to bet that they won't get away with it if it's a consistent behavior with them.

I understand that your feelings have merit, but whether a person gets punished for their toxicity lies within you to do the right thing and keep reporting toxic players. Also, you can always submit your evidence to Riot through the Support page. Make sure to include any relevant information like time and date of game, any screenshots you made of the offenses.


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op if you didnt do anything wrong then their report will be meaningless. you know there are chat logs and game info in the tribunal reports right?

its shocking how many players seem to be unable to handle or deal with abusive players. just maintain your composure and play your game. if they commit a SC infraction, report them. and above all else: IGNORE THEM. the single most aggravating thing you can do to a troll or abusive player is to NOT ACKNOWLEDGE the bad behavior. they are immature, most likely not too bright, and probably dont have a very long attention span.

c'mon op.