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Invisible Cursor

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Junior Member


Hullo there,
I recently downloaded LoL and I have since found that my cursor doesn't appear on the screen. The only game I've tried to play is the tutorial (so not an actual game), but I haven't progressed much further than click ok, because I can't see where I'm clicking. I'm on a laptop without a mouse, but from experience (with other games like WoW), it works well. Does anybody have advice? Is there a custom cursor I can opt for on LoL?
Thanks everybody. :~)

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Cheshire Lunacy

Senior Member


well considering my tuteral had a curser, the only thing here is your install didnt install right

unisntall and full install again and be sure to get rid of panda media booster after the reinstall. as it is only usefull to the actual install and after the install is basically useing resourceds for who knows what

so in short creat a complete fresh install and what not

also get a mouse

LoL is not in any way a game like WoW where its possible to survive with out a mouse

in lol the traditional movement keys wsad have no function as a some of those keys have been used for ability functions (w key) the track pad will be making you unable to properly play

so my advice from all this

reinstall your game, get trid of panda media booster, find a mouse for movement and aiming